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  • Tel. no.: +370 46 300 320

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  • Mob. no.: +370 615 33 701

  • Mob. no.: +370 615 33 701

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We transport goods between EU countries by our own modern transport

Our clients represent food and pharmaceutical industries, fresh flowers and agricultural sectors.

Joint stock company "Agrologistika" has already accumulated enough knowledge and experience to be able flexibly respond to every request.

Our expertise in international cargo transportation meet even the most complex specific industry requirements.

Industrial goods transportation

Joint stock company "Agrologistika" not only transports temperature-controlled cargo. Strict compliance with the schedule and great mobility allows to plan such cargo flows between all EU countries easier.

Our advantages by carrying goods within Europe:

  • Ability to fully serve all freight flows from customer‘s factory to all directions;
  • Annual contracts with the largest European manufacturers enable us to offer competitive rates for the carriage of goods within Europe;
  • Not older than 5 years EURO 5 and EURO 6 cars and trailers;
  • Cargo security guarantees: experience and high security requirements for working with high value goods, as well as trailers are equipped with alarm system, temperature sensors and door opening sensors to ensure every load;
  • The ability to react fast and and adapt to the needs of customers provide highly skilled managers;
  • Joint stock company "Agrologistika" civil liability is covered by TT Club Mutual Insurance limited company by carrying gooods by both private and subcontractors transport.

Job for carriers

Joint stock company‘s succes depends on a strong team that always offers the best solution for your transport. We will assure that all kind of transport semi – trailers, oversized flatbed, refrigerators, fully booked with work anywhere and at any time.

Regular cargo flows and annual contracts with the world's largest food manufacturers allows us to guarantee a constant strain on your vehicle.

International commitments create strict standards, and we are focused on quality and effective cooperation.

Carriers should contact by e – mail: or tel. no.: +370 615 33701 to have steady employement of their vehicle.