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  • Mob. no.: +370 615 33 701

Vairavimo mokykla


Joint stock company "Agrologistika" transports cargo almost through the whole Europe. Our work and success rate is - reliable, responsible, professional drivers.

We offer a job for drivers with refrigerator trailers. Almost 70% of all our transportation consists of cargo which requires temperature control. We are trusted by many Lithuanian and foreign companies, and the expertise of its personnel and their improvementour company invest very honestly.

By accepting the new driver for the job with no previous experience or lack of having it:

  • We create an individual training program for him;
  • Organize courses;
  • Dedicate an economic driving instructor training;
  • Our aim is that the new driver is ready to make the best of international transport operation.

High standards of work encourages the pursuit of various measures of motivation.
Joint stock company "Agrologistika" cares about their well-working people!

Drivers who have worked more than two years, our company started to accumulate retirement fund.

Please send your resume and become a part of our team!

We prefer to use internal database when we are looking for new employees, so you are welcome to send your resume to

Drivers are welcome to call us: +370 618 16446.