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  • Mob. no.: +370 615 33 701

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About us

Joint stock company "Agrologistika" is a transport company which transports cargo on international routes. We are strong in different transport operations, but our specialization - cargo, requires temperature-controlled, international transportation.

Joint stock company "Agrologistika" is focused on solutions and insight of individual customer's business needs. We are flexible and pay special attention to rational logistics - from highly sophisticated Euro 6 trucks and intelligent management and control technologies to guarantee a reliable team and always deliver cargo on time. We work hard so that we can be proud of our work.

Our routes to / from and between these countries

In our company transportation of goods involves agricultural production and food products, pharmaceutical, loads of fresh flowers. Such goods are particularly sensitive to the specific transportation and climate control conditions. We also transport goods which do not require temperature control.

We are able to provide our customers  storage services in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.For  carriers who cooperate with joint stock company "Agrologistika" we guarantee their technical maximum load throughout Europe, irrespective of the transport destination.


In a little more than a decade we  increased our transport fleet by 100%. 50 Euro 6 trucks have an impact on nature as much as 1 heavyweight car had a decade ago.

More than 200 deliveries per day

International freight is organized through not only the experience and professionalism of the team, but also the most advanced vehicle technology.

Temperature control

Truck trailers are equipped with temperature sensing devices which allow from the first to the last minute to observe and monitor the condition of the cargo.

The best in its field

Success in the market is determined by the orientation of the decisions and customer needs clarification. We are flexible and pay special attention to rational logistics and condition of the cargo.